Home finding assistance.

Finding a place to call home is perhaps the best way for you to get off to a good start in your new place of work. But perhaps also the biggest challenge.

With our help, you get access to vacant homes in the limited housing market and we always start from the individual's needs when we look for a suitable home. We relieve you from the housing search and ensure that the process is safe and smooth for all parties.

Please contact us for price information.

The Home Finding Assistance includes

  • A thorough review of the client’s housing requirements
  • Search for properties based on the requirements
  • Booking of property tours
  • Accompanied showing of properties
  • Negotiating rent with the landlord
  • Drawing-up a Lease Agreement

We help you to a good insight into the housing market in northern Sweden. With our local knowledge, we give you a thorough review of the various accommodation options available. We provide information about the obligations and opportunities that the various housing alternatives entail.

Furniture rental

Renting furniture and household utensils is often a flexible and cost-effective solution. Through our partner M.S Form & Interiör, we ensure that you are met by a home filled with furniture, furnishings, textiles and household utensils, all adapted to your needs and wishes.

Utility hook up

We can also take care of the practical acquisitions that are necessary for the home. Let ut help you with what is needed in the form of telephone, electricity, internet, insurance and so on. Together with our partners, we have the opportunity to offer good prices.