For HR.

For most companies and HR-departments relocation is not an everyday activity. Nevertheless, when the need arises, it becomes extremely important to complete the task quickly and efficiently so that employees can be productive at their new location.

A good, professional relocations process is important, however  you should not forget that relocation can be Complex, Time-Critical, Personal, and Costly

Complex: Employee relocation can involve any or all of the following: finding a home, finding pre-schools and schools for children, exploring a new area. If the move is international, you can add: registration with authorities, complying with immigration rules, adjusting to a different culture and new language, and more.

Time-Critical: Companies typically want newly hired or relocated employees at their new jobs as soon as possible. Therefore, it is important that all necessary relocation activities must be completed in a compressed time period.

Personal: Employee relocation crosses into an employee’s personal life. A move usually not involves the relocating employee but also a spouse, partner, or family.

Expensive: Relocation can be costly for employers, and in many cases, relocation expenses can be hard to predict. There are a number of different expenses the can be necessary to handle.

As an HR, having the opportunity to use a Relocations company makes it easier for you to focus on your core assignments and devote more time to onboard your talents into the workplace. We offer relocation services for organizations of different sizes and needs, which helps you speed up the process, focus on your companys core business and keep costs under control.