About the Prelocate North Network

The competition for talents is fierce. For your company to become a winners in the global competition you have to be an employer who best take care of the individual’s entire life situation. In order to attract and retain employees, and create recruitments that are sustainable over time, it is necessary to take into account accompanying partners and family.

The Prelocate North Network supports, coordinates and guides accompanying partners in professional and social contexts by, among other things, pointing out the opportunities in the labor market, giving them the conditions to broaden their personal networks, discover Swedish culture and integrate into their new hometown. All in the aim of make them settle, thrive – and stay.  



Prelocate North Network är ett nätverk för medföljande partners. Nätverket stödjer, samordnar och guidar medföljande partners i såväl professionella som sociala sammanhang. Allt för att ge dem förutsättningar till en bra start på sin nya hemort. 


Who can become a member of Prelocate North Network? 

To register as a member, your partner’s employer has to be member company of the Prelocate North Network.  In the course of 2021, you can also join the network with an individual membership.

Can I join the Prelocate North Network although my partners company is not a member? 

During 2021, you can join the network as an individual Prelocate member.   

How do I join the Prelocate North Network? 

Please send us an e-mail, regardless of whether you are an employer who wants to register your company in the network, or if you are an accompanying person who wants to take part in the professional and social context that the network provides.

What does a membership in Prelocate North Network cost? 

Our affiliated organizations pay a yearly membership.
The individual membership fee for 2021 is 4 000 SEK. Once you have registered you will have access to all of Prelocate North Network´s events and activities.

Notification: Some of our social events can require you to pay for your own entry fee and/or food and drinks. Any estimated cost will be communicated before the event, and it’s completely up to you whether you want to join.

What benefits do the Prelocate North Network membership includes? 

As a member of the Prelocate North Network you will have full access to all the events and activities we arrange. You also get to take advantage of all the fantastic offers from our partners.

Am I obligated, as a member, to attend all events Prelocate North Network arranges?  

No, there are no obligations attached to the membership. But of course we want to take part in your presence as much as possible.